Key resources

UCSF offers many important resources:

Office of Career and Professional Development

Information for International Students and Scholars

First Generation Support Services

LGBT Resource Center

Multicultural Resource Center

Office of Diversity and Outreach

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

CARE Advocacy Resources & Education

Student Veteran and Military Support Services

Creating Your Community at UCSF

University Grants & Scholarships

If you are a UCSF graduate student, an excellent summary can be found at the Student Success Center, including links to UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services.

Useful lab-related websites we like

3D printed Magnetic Rack for 1.5-mL tubes

3D printed 8-channel aspirator adaptor

NIH 3D Print Exchange


UCSC In-Silico PCR


ExPASy Proteomics Server

NEBcutter V2.0

Ensembl Genome Browser

OligoCalc: Oligonucleotide Properties Calculator






BioMath Calculators

Rotor Calculations - Beckman Coulter

Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

San Francisco (and nearby):

San Francisco Symphony

Great American Music Hall

de Young Museum

Legion of Honor Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Asian Art Museum

California Academy of Sciences

California Historical Society

The Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley

Lab Protocols:

Super ECL solution

5x Direct-loading PCR buffer

2x LB medium and agar plates

DNA loading buffers

DNA electrophoresis and Southern blotting buffers

Chemically competent bacteria

Transformation of chemically competent bacteria

Protein and western blotting buffers

Ponceau S staining

Acid washed coverslips

Feeder cell depletion and ES cell DNA preparation

ES cell electroporation for gene targeting

Gelatin solution for ES cell work

Lab Pets:

Lab Art:

(Based on neurons imaged by Cameron)

(Based on neurons derived by Annika)

Point Reyes, California

Carson Pass, Sierra Nevada, eastern California

Purkinje cell / dendritic trees